Would Perfection Really Be Boring?

Through the years one person after another has told us they thought perfection would be boring. They felt that the good could only be appreciated if they could contrast it with bad. The answer that seemed appropriate then, and now, is “How would you know?” Since none of us are perfect, (or even know what perfection is for that matter) that judgment has to be based on perception rather than evidence or experience. What is this assumption based on?

Many religions, especially Christianity, encourage us to strive for perfection, but frankly, the picture of perfection they offer can be extremely unappealing. For most religions, perfection means rigid, humorless compliance with a set of rules or a moral code. Perfection is usually considered the domain of ‘saints,’ and although they’re often admired, few of us would want to live their torturous lives (or duplicate their often gory deaths).

If you’ve read our blog before, you know that we regularly write about spiritual awakening. Since many people equate anything spiritual with striving for perfection, they’re stopped cold before they ever step on the spiritual path. Spiritual awakening has nothing to do with rules or moral codes; it’s about waking up to the harmony and wholeness of All That Is. The world’s concept of perfection demands conformity, in contrast, being whole requires authenticity. Instead of perfecting the body or personality as we grow spiritually, we let go of them. In fact, there’s nothing in this life that’s as liberating as spiritual awakening.

But what about life after death? Descriptions of heaven also convince us perfection must be incredibly boring. After all, if we don’t want to be saintly on earth, why would we want to spend eternity in the company of the pious and perfect who do little more than offer eternal worship to demanding gods? Like many others, we used to think hell would probably be more enjoyable than heaven. Although we’re treating the subject lightly, we do have a valid reason for scoffing. Quantum physics paints a very different picture of our universe, one that has nothing to do with boredom.

Instead of thinking of eternity in human terms, we need to visualize it in an entirely different way. Time/space is a construct of the material world that doesn’t exist outside it. We think of eternity as time that drags on endlessly, but from a spiritual perspective, the eternal is living without a past to regret or a future to long for. Also, science is discovering that we are not, and never have been, the bodies or personalities we project. Instead, our true Self is immortal quantum consciousness. It’s difficult to get the brain to accept the fact that we’re really not here, but it gives you an idea how creative you actually are. If you can project a 3D virtual reality that’s so believable you’ve even tricked yourself into buying into it, what else are you capable of creating? And creativity is what this universe is all about.

Quantum reality is permeated by consciousness, but it also contains all energy and all potential. Consciousness (you) interacts with energy potential and transforms it into matter. The creative possibilities of the Self are endless, and endlessly exciting. We could say that living as our true Self is perfection, but in this case it means being suited for our role as limitless creators, not living like a saint or spending our time in endless worship.

If there were no limits on your creativity and there was no lack of money or opportunity to hold you back, would you be bored? If you knew you were truly free to express yourself, would you be bored? If you were thoroughly loved and filled with peace, joy and laughter, would you be bored? If you had companions that supported you and worked with you instead of competing, would you be bored? If you were doing what you loved, would you be bored?

Do you really think you would need something ugly or painful to keep you from being bored?  Even now, if you think about the best day you’ve ever experienced, were you bored? If you could relive that day, would you? Or do you think the day would be more interesting with something ugly or painful thrown in? Not that any of us would want to live one day over and over again, but if we could capture the essence of that day, the wonderful feelings that made it so memorable, and inject it into our life, wouldn’t we?  Isn’t that the reason why so many people are addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, shopping etc.? Aren’t they’re trying to recover the essence of the best feelings they’ve ever had?

Instead of thinking of perfection in terms of being controlled and flawless, think of it as being suited for your role, think of it as being whole, of soaring as high, diving as deep and expanding as wide as you can possibly imagine. Understand that you were given free will that responds to infinite potential because Source wants you to be as happy and fulfilled as you can possibly be. Now are you interested?


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