Why Is the World Becoming More Chaotic? What Can We Do?

One of Jesus’ often repeated teachings encourages us to build on a firm foundation. Jesus explained that a house built on a rock could withstand even a violent storm, but one built on sand would be easily swept away (Matthew 7:24-27) This parable is usually told to encourage listeners to build their hope on faith rather than what the world has to offer, but there’s a deeper meaning to the story that can explain the chaos that saturates our world.

Quantum physicists tell us that every part of the universe, visible and invisible, is one interconnected and interdependent whole. Subatomic particles, like cells of the body, have no meaning apart from the whole. The universe itself is built on an indestructible foundation, but our world is like the house built on sand in Jesus’ story. How did that difference come about?

Physicists tell us that the quantum world, permeated by consciousness, is where reality resides. The material world is a spectacular 3D virtual reality projected from that consciousness. For most of us, it comes as a shock to learn that we are not this body and the life we think we’re living is like a movie, a video game or a virtual ride at an amusement park that we’re projecting from quantum reality.

No matter how strange this seems, spiritual masters have been saying the same thing for centuries. They recognized that the Divine made the universe out of Self, much as a child, animal or plant is born out of the material of its parent. This means that everything that exists is Ultimate Reality and explains why the universe is one, indivisible whole. Like a body, the universe cannot remain healthy except in wholeness. They also agree that the material world is an illusion.

Since there’s no doubt that we live in a universe of oneness, why does the material world appear to be a collection of separate form? How can the quantum world and our material world appear to be so different? And what does that have to do with the chaos we’re experiencing?  Although we are not the bodies we are projecting, we are conscious beings with free will. We project virtual reality to experience duality, something that’s impossible within oneness. Actual separation would tear the wholeness of the universe apart, but a projection cannot destroy oneness anymore that a movie causes the actual harm being depicted.

Quantum research has demonstrated that the quantum universe is an ocean of energy, but that energy is in a state of potential until consciousness affects it, collapses the potential and brings matter into existence. In other words, our thoughts create the material world in much the same way as the Bible tells us God created with thought, “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” If that’s the case, why do we project the chaos that we see instead of something more pleasant?

In oneness, the top priority is the highest good for all concerned, but we chose to project duality instead of oneness. Why? Instead of being satisfied with being unique yet equal, we wanted to experience separation and specialness. Unfortunately duality instantly sets up a belief in scarcity and fierce competition to be special. Like the lottery, a few will win health, wealth, power, security, beauty, talent, happiness etc. at the expense of a majority who won’t.  No reputable builder would construct a new home on such a flawed and unstable foundation, but that’s exactly how our world came into being.

Because of quantum physics we hear a lot about the “law of attraction” and manifesting everything we want in life. Consciousness does bring matter into existence, but your experience is not created by your thoughts alone; it manifests as a result of group consciousness. In other words, the world we see is the result of the combined thoughts of every consciousness that wants to experience separation and specialness. And when you realize that everyone is after the same things, and we all believe those things are scare, the only possible result is conflict and chaos.

We understand on a surface level that hatred, greed and even thoughtlessness can create wars, hunger, poverty, suffering and the ecological disasters the earth now faces. But we often fail to see the cause and effect relationship between our thoughts and the natural disasters that appear to be escalating in number and severity. If you break your foot and have to hobble around on crutches for several weeks, other parts of your body can’t help be affected too. The same is true of the universe. Since its one interdependent whole, all thoughts that disturb oneness affect even the earth itself. Let us emphasize that this does not mean that the thoughts of the people in areas where natural disasters occur are directly responsible for what they’re experiencing. Collective consciousness means we’re all responsible, and our negative thoughts don’t have to be directed toward a particular result to have an effect on the earth. If a pressure cooker can’t vent steam, it will eventually explode.

Duality has its foundation in extremes. Like a pendulum, it swings from one extreme to the other, but never stops at a balance point. As long as we continue to project our dualistic virtual reality, every pleasure will be associated with pain and every winner will create a multitude of losers. When fear, anger and hatred escalate, we will inevitably see that reflected in our world. No matter how many solutions we try within duality, we will continue to get the same results we’ve always gotten.  However, the situation is far from hopeless.

Since free will choices got us into the mess we’ve created, they can also get us out. We can each choose right now to let go of dualistic thinking and turn our thoughts to love an oneness. When Jesus taught his followers to love even their enemies, he realized what thoughts of hatred and revenge were doing for the world. He knew that when we change our thoughts to love and oneness it may not have a noticeable effect on the world in general, but it will have an enormous effect on our life.

We can continue to experience our dualistic virtual reality as long as we like, but we can also quit projecting this world and return to oneness anytime we want to. We are not these bodies; this is not the life we were meant to lead when we were created.  Rather than trying to fix this flawed illusion, spiritual masters have always encouraged their followers to wake up from self-deception and return to our real life in oneness.  Rumi reminds us:

The second you stepped into this world of existence a ladder was placed before you to help you escape. When you pass beyond this human form. . .plunge into the vast ocean of consciousness. Let the drop of water that is you become a hundred mighty seas. But do not think that the drop alone becomes the ocean. The ocean, too, becomes the drop.

You will never become lost in oneness. Instead, you will find the true, joyful Self you have been vainly searching for in duality.


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