About Us

Who are we, and why should you be interested in anything we have to say? These are especially important questions to ask yourself since we’d like to talk with you about your spiritual well-being.

Our most valuable credential is that we’re ordinary. Far too often, spiritual understanding (or enlightenment, if you prefer) appears to be the possession of a ‘special’ few. We’re not special, but like countless others who never considered themselves special, we discovered fearless spirituality. This information is within the reach of each and every one of us. This concept is so important, it bears repeating: This information is within the reach of each and every one of us! Contrary to popular belief, spiritual masters don’t want followers; they want you to access your own inner truth and become a master yourself.

Like you, we’ve dealt with financial difficulties, family problems, emotional crisis, the loss of loved ones and natural disasters. Lee has had Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus for almost 40 years, and Steven suffered from severe clinical depression until a malformed blood vessel in his brain burst in 2005. After emergency brain surgery, Steven was paralyzed and had to relearn basic physical skills like sitting, walking and writing. Like you, we felt sure there had to be more to life than problems, pain and fear.

Although we were deeply involved in religion, we weren’t getting the answers we needed to make sense of our world.  We couldn’t understand why a God of love would allow our beautiful earth to be overwhelmed with misery. Still, we felt sure that if we knew the purpose of life and understood who we are and why we’re here, that knowledge would change our lives. Most of all, we wanted to understand the source of life that animates our universe.

We were determined to find the answers to our questions or die in the attempt, and we nearly did. We had spent most of our lives in religious service, but our continuous questions eventually led to our excommunication. Undaunted, we investigated a massive array of religious and spiritual material and then spent several years attending university. Our frustration grew as we found more questions than answers. Overwhelmed with problems, we decided to commit suicide.

Our last prayer for help was significantly different than the thousands that had gone before. Desperate, we let go of all our personal preferences and preconceived ideas. Finally, we were willing to hear anything God wanted to reveal. We decided to wait a week, and if nothing changed we would swallow the prescription drugs we had hoarded.  The next day, we started getting answers, but they were not what we expected.

At the university bookstore, two books fell off the shelves onto our feet. One book was spiritual; the other was scientific. As we leafed through the pages, a new understanding formed in our minds. We suddenly realized all our fears and misery were based on our misunderstanding of the universe.

For the last 10 years, we’ve researched and tested the information. We discovered countless men and women throughout history had awakened to the same truths and lived a life of fearlessness. And surprisingly, we also discovered that ever more scientific breakthroughs explain and support what they knew. Best of all, when we applied the information in our lives, it worked.

There’s no reason to live in fear and uncertainty. There’s no reason to wonder if life has meaning and purpose. After struggling and searching for most of our lives, we were amazed to discover this simple truth:  All the answers you need are already within  you. The only thing necessary is the willingness to see them. We’re not special; if we can live a life of fearlessness in the midst of our chaotic world, so can you.

About Oroborus Books

Oroborus Books takes its name from the Ouroboros, an ancient symbol of a serpent biting its own tail. This symbol has been used globally for the last 3500 years. Each culture explains the symbol in a slightly different way, but it has always symbolized universal truths.

Like the phoenix that rises from its own ashes, the Ouroboros reflects the cyclical nature of the universe and the constant exchange between energy and matter. The Phoenix and Ouroboros arise from the self, symbolizing eternity and immortality. For alchemists, the drawing stood for the oneness and interdependence of everything in existence. Early Christians used the inside of the serpent to symbolize the confines of the material world and the outside to symbolize the unlimited nature of spirit. Gnostics said the Ouroboros symbolized a continuum or integration of dualistic opposites.

Oroborus Books is dedicated to revealing universal truths that have the power to free us all from the fear and misperceptions that rob us of the peace and joy we each deserve.  It is our greatest desire and intention to deliver that message as clearly and affordably as possible.


What Is This?

We’ve all seen a pond or puddle that’s been disturbed by a light rain. When a raindrop hits the surface of a still pond, tiny waves start to move away from the drop in a circular pattern. This happens with every drop that hits the pond, and soon the small circular wave patterns that surrounded each drop begin to intersect with one another. These intersecting lines are called an ‘interference pattern.’  Why do we use this image?  Interference patterns are a key component to understanding the true nature of the universe.  Learn how physicists made the connection and what it means for you in The Beginning of Fearlessness: Quantum Prodigal Son.