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Tied Together

We are held together like the stars—in firmament with ties inseparable—these ties cannot be seen but we can feel them—each of us is only part of a whole… If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration —Nikola Tesla

planets 1

When we look into the night sky, we more often think of stars as isolated from one another by vast expanses of empty space, not inseparable from one another as Tesla implies. And yet, despite appearances, Tesla is correct. There is no such thing as empty space, and everything in existence is one indivisible whole!

Quantum physics has discovered the universe is made up of only 5% matter (atoms), but what appears to be ‘empty space’ is actually made up of approximately 20% ‘dark’ matter and 75% ‘dark’ energy. It is thought that dark matter acts as a structure for the matter that we perceive as form. (Dark matter and energy or not actually dark, they are only called that because we know so little about them.)  Although it sounds as if these components of the universe are separate, they’re not.

If you were granted special vision and could see the universe at its most elemental level, you would find that everything is one thing. Instead of form or separation of any kind, the entire universe would appear to be a sea of perpetual, unrelenting movement or energy shifting back and forth between particle and wave. Like a piece of fabric that depends on the interweaving of fibers to remain whole, the universe depends on the interconnection of subatomic particles to remain whole. Subatomic particles, like cells of the body, have no meaning when isolated from one another.

Stars are not isolated islands in space, and neither is anything that appears to be separate in the material universe. When we take the time to look within, we can feel the inseparable ties that Tesla recognized.