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“Floating on the Tao” or “A Funny Thing Happened on Our Way to Salem”

Quantum physics has not only rocked the scientific community, it has also set much of the spiritual community on fire. One of the hottest quantum related topics is “manifesting.” Browsing a few minutes in a bookstore or online will reveal an endless array of teachers and gurus ready to trade your cash for their secrets to manifesting just about anything you desire. Sounds good? Of course! But what, you may ask, has Tao got to do with it? Quite a lot, actually.


You’re probably familiar with the ancient Taoist sage Lao-tzu’s famous saying, “The subtle truths of the universe is unsayable and unthinkable. Therefore, the highest teachings are wordless…The Tao that can be spoken of is not the Tao.” Nevertheless, Lao-tzu, and other Taoist sages such as Chuang Tzu, did try to pass along their understanding of the Tao, and it sounds remarkably similar to the words of many quantum physicists, namely: it is the life-giving and life-sustaining conscious foundation and guiding principle of all reality.


Most Law of Attraction/ manifesting gurus will explain that this is a free will universe that responds to our desires. Some will add that it is not just what you want, but who you are, that creates a magnetic attraction that the quantum field cannot help but respond to. However, these ideas, while primarily accurate, often leave out the fact that the quantum field is not just a mechanism like a vending machine; it is the conscious, life-giving and sustaining Tao, the foundation and guiding principle of reality. You can call it what you will (the Divine, God, the Universe, Source), but our experience has taught us that it is Intelligent Love.


Long ago Chuang Tzu said, “The way to be clear of confusion and free of sorrow is to live with Tao… The wise flow with Tao.” In other words, we can manifest with or without Intelligent Love. It sounds like an easy choice. After all, who wouldn’t want to be guided by someone who loved them deeply and could see around corners? There is one caveat; to flow with the Tao, you must be willing to float wherever you are taken! As we all know, floating on a stream or river requires giving up control. So, do you want to control what you attract or are you willing to let the Tao/Intelligent Love direct you to your highest good? Allow us to emphasize, this does not mean you have to give up your intentions, likes or dislikes; only that you must just hold them loosely. You must go for the essence rather than the details and trust that they will be worked out for your highest good.


sunriseSo now for our latest “floating on the Tao” odyssey. We had been living in Bend for several years; a delightful tourist town in the mountains of central Oregon. Lovely as it was, we were tossing around the idea of moving to Salem, a larger and more accessible city about three hours west where we felt we could better carry out a long list of intentions we had developed. We presented these thoughts to Divine Intelligence and then walked down to the mail box where we found a letter from a realtor saying they had a buyer for our house. Ten minutes later, we ran into a friend who excitedly told us she had just sold her house, had four other people waiting in line and if we were thinking of selling now was the time to do it. When we called a second realtor to check on the market, she said she could have a cash buyer within a week. She did better than that and sold the house and furnishings in three days.


Feeling confident that our intentions were being supported by the Divine, we had a huge yard sale, packed up a rental truck and headed to the home of one of our best friends in Salem. But very quickly it appeared that the rug was being pulled out from under us. We spent long days looking for a rental, but were constantly told there was nothing available and there were long waiting lists. Our friend didn’t mind if we stayed with him longer while we continued to look, but we were paying forty dollars a day to keep the truck so we began to look for a storage facility where we could unload it. Again, every attempt to move forward appeared to be foiled. After a day of trying, the only storage available was half the size we needed and 100 miles away.


A situation that would have devastated us many years ago, now reminded us that our “float trip” must be taking us in another direction so we began testing the waters. It was the essence we were after, not the details. After calling friends in Idaho, about nine hours east of Salem, we concluded that Boise was the place we should go. Oddly, Idaho was the only state west of the Mississippi that we had not visited, and now, sight unseen, we were going to live there.


When we arrived in Boise, everything flowed as we had expected it to in Salem. We quickly got settled and have already carried out many of the intentions we had originally set for Salem. To further emphasize Source’s direction in the matter, our friend in Salem called to tell us that a few days after we had left for Boise, the house across the street from him had become available. Also, another friend of his who had sold his house in Seattle had easily found an abundance of available rentals in Salem. Obviously, Salem was not our “highest good,” which Intelligent Love understood from the beginning.


Again, floating on the Tao does not mean giving up our personal desires but it does mean focusing on the essence rather than the details. Even more important, it means establishing a trusting relationship with Tao/Loving Intelligence. Unfortunately, our world trains us to feel most comfortable when we think we’re in the driver’s seat so letting go of the steering wheel takes time and practice. But keep in mind that the Divine wants more good for you than you could possibly imagine. When we manifest on our own, we’ll probably get exactly what we insist on, but we’ll never know if something else might have been far better.


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