The Books

Since you’re here, it’s probably fair to say that you’re still seeking; still looking for something you believe is missing. We live in an information age that not only provides us with an overabundance of information; it also treats that information as an end in itself. But frankly, information takes on real value only when it answers our questions or solves our problems.

Uncertainty about our place in the universe is arguably, man’s most persistent and significant problem. Discovering definitive answers to our questions concerning our origin and purpose can not only provide us with a foundation and a direction for our lives, it relieves us of the fears that uncertainty inevitably spawns.

Find out for yourself what the synergy of science, spirituality and gnosis can do for you:

The Beginning of Fearlessness: Quantum Prodigal Son

The Gospel of Thomas: Where Science Meets Spirituality

Religious or Spiritual: How the Difference Can Affect Your Happiness

Fearless Spirituality: What Sages Knew and Science Discovered

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