The Gospel of Thomas: Where Science Meets Spirituality

There are many different ways to understand Jesus. During the first three centuries after Jesus died, there was even more diversity among Christians than we see today. The Jesus story told in the Bible is only one of hundreds of views held by early Christians.

In 1945 a jar filled with texts was found in Egypt. Many of these writings, now known as the Gnostic Gospels, were as old as the gospel accounts found in the Bible, but they told an extremely different story. The Gospel of Thomas describes a Jesus no religion has told you about, a Jesus for the 21st century.

Through gnosis, the direct, personal experience of the Divine, Jesus saw and understood the universe as it actually is. In the light of quantum research, Jesus’ amazing teachings are taking on an astonishing new depth of meaning. It’s inevitable that quantum research will dramatically change the way we understand the universe. Numerous cherished beliefs will fall by the wayside, but Jesus’ gnostic teachings offer a meaningful way to understand the quantum universe and our place in it.

The Gospel of Thomas contains only 114 of Jesus’ sayings, but its powerful message has rocked conventional understanding of who Jesus was and what he taught. Discover how the synergy of science and gnosis can strip away misperceptions that rob you of the peace and joy you deserve.

We’re not scientists, so don’t let the quantum physics scare you. The Gospel of Thomas: Where Science Meets Spirituality is based on solid research, but explained in plain English that requires no previous scientific or spiritual knowledge.

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